Science Arena is an initiative by Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein designed to improve coverage of Brazilian and global science. More than simply presenting scientific findings, our aim is to stimulate dialogue within the research community and provide context for the news.

We believe that journalism can contribute to the scientific debate by promoting interactions between those involved in the science and technology system, mediating the flow of information and fostering the dissemination of ideas.

This is a crucial task in a world where decision-making and public policy-making increasingly rely on scientific evidence to overcome complex challenges such as the threat of new epidemics and pandemics, the impacts of climate change, growing social inequalities, and global food insecurity.

Our editorial principles are based on four foundations: dialogue, clarity, innovation, and balance.

Dialogue as a way of confronting a general lack of comprehension in the face of social conflicts and uncertainties, for which science seeks solutions through collaborative networks.

Clarity so that ideas can connect people quickly, objectively, and effectively.

Innovation as a means of developing new communication resources capable of stimulating the sharing of ideas, skills, and methodologies within open science.

Balance to ensure topics are approached from a diverse range of perspectives, highlighting the contradictions and limitations of scientific studies whenever possible. This does not, however, mean renouncing scientific rigor simply to incorporate any and all points of view. We must ensure never to spread disinformation.

We propose a return to science, to make scientific knowledge the promised land of contemporary society, to which different social agents (such as managers, entrepreneurs, and social leaders) can migrate in search of ways to respond to problems.

We hope that Science Arena will serve as a meeting point for the scientific community, especially in areas related to the biomedical and health sciences. As a meeting point, however, we do not wish to restrict the scientific debate to a limited circle of academics. We want to be a starting point for the dissemination of research and discussions that have the potential to transform society, explain the depths of life, and refine skills.


Implemented by: Institutional Communication at Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein.

Director: Debora Pratali (MTb 30771)

Managing Editor: Anderson Moço

Editor in chief: Bruno de Pierro

Art: Estúdio Voador

IT developer: Punto Comunicação

Translation: Ricardo Cunha Lay

Opinion pieces do not necessarily reflect the views of Einstein Hospital.

This article may be republished online under the CC-BY-NC-ND Creative Commons license. The text must not be edited and the author(s) and source (Science Arena) must be credited.

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