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14.08.2023 Gender

Sexism in science

Founder of the Parent in Science initiative recommends book on gender inequality in the academic environment


The book Why Science Is Sexist, by Nicola Gaston, a physics professor at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.


Nicola Gaston’s clearly written book provides an in-depth look at gender inequality in science. The author explores the barriers faced by women scientists and the consequences for scientific output.

In analyzing the historical and cultural origins of the problem, she highlights the influence of social norms, stereotypes, and institutional structures on women’s experiences and opportunities in science. Concrete examples illustrate how this inequality is manifested in practice, resulting in gaps in scientific research as a result of the lack of diversity in perspectives and approaches.

One major aspect addressed in the book is the role of unconscious bias in science. Gaston describes how the phenomenon can affect decisions and assessments, often resulting in disadvantages for women scientists and biased perceptions of their work. The book also offers suggestions on how to promote gender equity.

It is essential reading for anyone seeking to delve deeper into the issue of gender inequality in science and wishing to contribute to the creation of a more egalitarian, inclusive, and diverse scientific environment.


Why Science Is Sexist, Nicola Gaston (BWB, 2015).

*Fernanda Staniscuaski is a biologist, a professor at the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), and founder of the Parent in Science project, created in 2017 with the aim of discussing parenting within the scientific environment in Brazil.

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